It is a Christian mind-body tool for emotional healing, pronounced “Splawnk-nuh”.

What is the meaning?

The name comes from the New Testament Greek for “bowels” or “gut”. It was used figuratively the way we use the word “subconscious” today, i.e., a “gut sense” or “deep awareness”. The treatment protocol goes directly to the subconscious root of symptoms.

How does it work?

Splankna work is an innovative approach that provides a comprehensive solution for emotional trauma. Combining the body, soul, and spirit enables a deep and long-lasting transformation. With Splankna, we recognize and address how our body stores emotions and works with them like frequencies. Its unique method of “touch and thought” enables our bodies to release these emotions effectively, rejuvenating our mind and soul. Splankna not only attends to the body and soul, but it also tackles the underlying issues and destructive patterns associated with emotional trauma. Through this process, clients gain better clarity and understanding of themselves and experience life-changing results. Splankna’s approach to emotional healing using the mind-body connection is confident and empowering.

What makes it christian?

It leans into the lead of the Holy Spirit, inviting God to search through all stored emotional content of a person’s history and take them to the root of their symptom. We may not always know the original causes of our emotional struggles, but the Lord does, and He is willing and able to heal. It is by the Name and authority of the Lord Jesus that clients then break agreement with significant lies and vows that were adopted in those trauma roots. 

What is the muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a fascinating practice that is rooted in the idea that our thoughts can actually have a sub-atomic frequency that affects our body’s electrical system and muscles. By simply asking a question and observing the body’s response, we can determine whether or not it is responding with congruence. This simple yes/no tool can be incredibly useful in helping us make more informed decisions about our health and wellbeing.

It can be incredibly helpful especially with trauma, but only when approached with a sense of discernment and guided by the authority of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. With this in mind, anyone can use muscle testing as a helpful tool in their quest for greater health and wellness.


New Age philosophy is grounded on the idea that “all is one,” and that human beings have all potential within themselves. Splankna thoroughly rejects both of these notions. The concept that “all is one” attempts to remove the personhood, the hierarchy, and the sovereignty of God. Splankna gratefully acknowledges all three. Human beings are dependent creatures under God’s sovereignty. We submit to the Father’s wisdom, power, and will and depend on Him rather than on human potential.


Splankna is a greek work pronounced “Splawnk-nuh”.